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The Pandemic Manifesto

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The Pandemic Manifesto

Post by Bassie999 on Tue 26 Aug 2008, 10:50 pm

Pandemic is a democratic alliance. We do, however, have some rules, which are published in the "rules" section.

The main rules are as follows:

[*] The Pandemic Alliance is a peaceful alliance. We do not engage in wars, unless provoked, and unless all diplomatic channels are exhausted.

[*] Joining the Pandemic Alliance is possible for all nations, provided they register at these forums, and they are not engaged in war, or have a bad reputation. Also, they should be active in both CN, as well as on these forums. Good communication is key!

[*] Each new nation joining the Pandemic Alliance will receive assistance from existing members. This can be financial aid, as well as information and guidance.

[*] The Pandemic Alliance is a true democracy, which means that all decisions are being made by the alliance as a whole. This means that all members have an equal say in everything.

[*] Decisions are made by organizing polls, where all alliance members can cast their votes and bring forward their opinions. On important decisions unanimity of the votes will be aimed for. If unanimity is not possible, or if this strive after unanimity holds up the decision making process, the majority of the votes will be decisive.

[*] The Pandemic Alliance is actively involved in diplomatic relationships with other alliances and nations. Although there is a democratic process in place, there are specific diplomats / organizers / speakers appointed for specific tasks and relations, in order to make the communication as efficient as possible. Any member can be a diplomat / organizer / speaker.

[*] The most important thing to remember is: act respectful towards others, in a way that you want to be treated yourselves. Make sure you fulfill your commitments and provide help to fellow Pandemic members.

For more information, here is our full general Directive, which applies to all Pandemic members:

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