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Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

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Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

Post by Guest on Wed 17 Feb 2010, 11:54 am

Got sloppy drunk and tripping on acid (I partied hard in college and a few years after lol) with three pals of mine. We made it one block from our apartment when we were stopped by the campus police. The officer asked what we were doing and apparently I replied "we are waiting for the light to change.". Now for the good part lol. Apparently we had been stopped under a street lamp for about half and hour. Luckily we were so close to our apartment the officer told us to park the car and he would take us home. Upon waking up we realized that he car we were in did not belong to any of us. Moral of the story.... Patron and acid go quite well together.
I have many more as I and my friends were alcoholic junkies in college.


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Re: Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

Post by Bassie999 on Wed 17 Feb 2010, 6:58 pm

I have a long story that some people find strange.

Several years ago I lived in Cyprus. In the weekends I used to tour around and do some sightseeing, and one Sunday morning I ended up near Larnaca. I'd read somewhere that there was an interesting, old lighthouse to you could visit, and I thought: "Why not do some cultural stuff today?"

(of course the real reason was that I knew that near the beach there were always Sunday morning events, mostly religious ones, but involving good looking, local women, dancing on music...)

Anyway, I arrived at the lighthouse around midday, which was on a cliff near the beach. The beach itself was about 20 meters lower, and I saw a man trying to pull his boat out of the water and onto a trailer. He was struggling somewhat, and after about 15 minutes or so, I decided to go down and see if he needed some help.

I almost landed on top of him when I climbed down, but he was very happy that I would help him. He spoke hardly any English, but it was clear that he was getting rather nervous and scared because he couldn't get his boat out of the water. Fact was, that the tide was coming up, and where the trailer was still on the beach when I arrived, the water was now already coming to the wheels.

That didn't make it much easier for us to get the boat out. I'm not very good with boats or water, but he apparently also not, so we struggled and struggled, until the trailer was almost fully under water and sucked up in the sand... No way we would be able to get it out!

To make a long story short: I took the screw jack from my rental car, and eventually we were able to lift the trailer out of the sand, ride it to a dry(er) place on the beach and get the boat on it. That took us almost 2 hours...

The guy was so happy that he offered me a tour around the island in his boat...

So we got the boat into the water again, and I had a great time sailing on the water. We didn't go around the whole island, but it was still a nice trip of about 2 hours or so. Than we returned to the beach.

Where the trailer was again floating in the water....

Another hour later (we learned from our earlier experience) we got the boat on the trailer and he got his car in front of it. By that time, I was his best friend ever, sent by God himself to help him. He had told me he was 40 years old (I was 29 at that time), a masseur in daily life, but he just had bought this boat so that he could also make some money as a fisherman. He hadn't practiced that much yet... (fishing). He also mentioned that his daily summer activity was to pick up girls (mainly tourists) for a nice romantic affair, and with that the masseur thing really helped a lot. So he wasn't all that stupid...

Anyway, he wanted to thank me for helping him out, and he invited me for diner at his house. I, naive as I am, accepted, and we decided that I would drive in my rental car behind him back to his place, so we could get rid of the boat first.

Now, remember that the trailer with the boat on it had been floating in the sea, and stuck in the sand a couple of times, and I eventually managed to jerk it out of the sand with my screw jack. Furthermore, the boat was already old, and the trailer as well, the small roads are not so great on Cyprus and this guy was almost a maniac when driving. I drove behind him, but luckily not that close, because about half way, the axel of the trailer broke and the left wheel went left, where the rest of the trailer went right !

Luckily, nobody got hurt, and miraculously the trailer and the boat were still standing up, and behind the car. With difficulty we were able to lift the trailer on some bricks, and we left it standing at the side of the road. We were dirty, tired and hungry, and we went to his place.

There he introduced me to his father (they lived together) who immediately started hugging me because “I saved his son’s life!” “Twice!” He told me his life story, while the son was taking a shower, and he gave me 2 ashtrays as a present (?) I’m sure those things were dug up on some ancient site on Cyprus or so, as the man himself must have been 120 years old, without any teeth, and living in a house which could better be called “an improved cave”.

The son came back and we went to his favorite restaurant, which was a small cantina like establishment, with bright lights and a grumpy owner. The guy told the owner the story, and immediately all the people in that place were babbling in Greek to me and clapping my shoulder, as if I had done something really heroic.

OK, this is where the alcohol gets in, as in Cyprus they have this strong liquor that everyone brews by him/her self. I got quite some of that stuff in my, and I only know that I left the restaurant around midnight or so, looking for my rental car. Luckily I hadn’t been that stupid to leave that car at the guy’s place, so when I found it, I got in and just sat there for half an hour or so.

I drove home, to my apartment in Nicosia, and it was one of the most beautiful, brightest nights ever. I came home, went to bed, fell asleep immediately (after first hearing my upstairs neighbors doing their weekly sex exercise).

The next day I told the story to colleagues at work, and their first reaction was: do you still have your kidneys? They actually wanted me to check if I didn’t have any stitches on me, and strangely enough there were not interested in the guy’s address or phone number for a massage… Not even the girls…

Moral of the story: helping strangers may make you feel good, you can have a nice time, but naivety can also get your kidneys taking away from you.

EDIT: This is a real story. I still have the guy's business card. If you ever go to Cyprus, let me know and I'll give you his contact details so you can say Hi from me.

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Re: Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

Post by Krewsader on Thu 18 Feb 2010, 10:53 pm

Two summers ago me and a couple friends took a couple hits of acid. Who knows when but we decided to go dwarf hunting late that night. That's all I really remember. But it get's better. When we woke up we found a kid in the closet. We panicked. I left. My friends in jail for kidnapping all and all a good summer.

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Re: Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

Post by ArgonV on Sat 20 Feb 2010, 1:32 am

When I visited Barcelona, there was a guy coming to me with a camera. He asked me if I would say on camera who I was, where I was visiting from and wish his sister a happy marriage, because he wanted to collect wishes from as many countries as he could. Not really strange of funny, but very sweet.

Across the street from my favorite bar, there's a snooker and pool center. I don't often visit it, but do sometimes. I usually park my bike right beneath it (the center isn't on the ground floor) and also did this night. When I got my bike, somebody in the pool center threw beer over me. Whilst I was standing there with my friend, discussing whether or not we should pay the culprit a visit (he was against, I was for) and throw him out of a window (again, I was in favor), when a second batch of beer was thrown, which we evaded.
We then decided to go up there and check it out.
It turned out it was one of a group of 4 guys, that one guy was bored. The rest was very apologetic, but I wanted to talk to the guy who did it. Turns out he really was an asshole and didn't want to apologize, but he did wanted to buy us a round of beers. Good enough. So then I started talking to his friends, who I had all but threatened moments ago. Turned out they were really cool guys. I spent an hour or so pooling an drinking with them, at the end of the night they picked up the tab for all the problems that guy caused.

Another thing right here in my home town. Some Germans came up to me, asking where they could find a coffee shop. For those of you who don't know, a coffee shop in The Netherlands is a place where you can buy marijuana and other soft drugs, legally. This happened to me before, apparently I got that kind of face Razz Anyhoo, after midnight, the shops close. It was already 1 AM and these Germans, safe one, were way too drunk.
I explained to them the shops were long closed and they'd basically came out for nothing and that next time, they should buy drugs first, then get hammered. Anyway, I had nothing to do, so I decided I was gonna do my best and help these Germans score some drugs.
After taking them to some of the most shady pubs, we couldn't score some dope. I had a hell of a time though, the drunk Germans would go in and come out while the sober one kept telling me that they came to my city for both the drugs and the Dutch women, who were much better that German women. They ended up without drugs, but entertaining me. I gave them my cell number, in case they ever want something again, they can call me. I'll just sell it to them at 120% Razz

This one time in Berlin, I was in a bar where they served a Long Island Ice Tea, which was 90% booze, 10% cola for 5 euros. I didn't want to leave there, but my friends decided to bail at 01:30. I then met a German guy at the bar. He was there alone as well. Started talking to him, in German, which amazed my, I did not know my German was that good. We talked about a lot of things, but especially the DDR, because the guy was an old communist. At the end of the night, he picked up my tab when I went to the toilet. Because I was bourgeoisie, because I was a student and he was a factory worker and in capitalism, the poor pay for the rich. Anyhow, the bar was closing, but the bartender told me there was an underground rave party going on if I went down the stairs. I thought: Why not? and descended the stairs.
There indeed was a rave party going on. Then some guy comes up to me and asks if I know how to operate iTunes. Well, I do. So he tells me the DJ is feeling unwell, because he used all kinds of drugs and if I wanted to fill in for him. I was pretty drunk, so sure, why not. The next hour I spent behind a laptop, playing music at a rave party whilst getting all kinds of drinks (and offers for all kinds of drugs) from the people on the dance floor. Brilliant.

A short story. I visited Croatia once with some friends of the family and my parents. My parents also knew a guy there who could get you whatever you want, named Khio.
So this one night I was in a bar with a friend and some guys come up to us, claiming we were in their seats. My friend gets up and says: We know uncle Khio. The guys backed off and offered us some drinks. I dunno what Khio does, but apparently he's notorious... Razz

Also Croatia, first time ever I get kicked out of a night club. I don't remember a thing about it, but the same friend filled me in, it was because of something I did with the daughter/sister/niece of the owner.
When we try to get back in, the owner comes up to us and asks: You're not gonna do that again? I assure him I won't but I haven't a clue what I did last time. Seems better not to ask. The guy provided us with free shots to accompany our beer all night

One last Croatian story: We were in Khio's cafe, and I ordered two rounds of drinks. When I paid, I told the (very cute) bar girl to keep the change, because I don't like all that small change in my wallet. I was probably about 3-4 euros, but the girl looked at me and thanked my like I just handed her 100 euros Razz

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Re: Strange or funny encounter that you have had.

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