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Public Announcement 2 June 2008

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Public Announcement 2 June 2008

Post by Admin on Wed 30 Jul 2008, 1:28 pm

The following announcement was published on the CN forums on 2 June 2008:



The Pandemic Alliance (formerly known as “GameStrafe Alliance”) has been established since January 2008. It is known as an active, tech-trading, resource trading and peaceful alliance. It has built strong and respectable relationships with other alliances and nations in the past months and it has now decided to announce its existence to the other nations and alliances on planet Bob.

The Pandemic Alliance has the intention to grow as a peaceful, trustworthy alliance to fulfill tech deal obligations and acting as middlemen in resolving diplomatic issues. Today, the Pandemic Alliance declares that it will accept new members, not only to help these nations to develop and grow, but also to help the Pandemic Alliance reaching these goals.

“As an alliance we are of adequate strength. We are well established in the tech-trading world, and I think this is the right time for us as an alliance to go global”, said The Gnome of Gnomia, founder of the Pandemic Alliance.

In the past months, the Pandemic nations have built up a lot of knowledge and experience. The Pandemic Alliance is well known for acting as tech selling alliance, as well as setting up trade rings and negotiating and mediating with respect to diplomatic issues. This knowledge and experience is effectively shared within the alliance. The Pandemic Alliance has its own forums on The Pandemic Forums , where it also has embassies for other alliances.

Thanks to the diplomatic relationships that have been built, Pandemic has a protectorate from Viridian Entente (VE). Due to the recent elections within VE, this protectorate has been established only recently. However, there are strong ties between VE and Pandemic, and this protectorate is a formalization of this relationship. The next phase will be to increase the number of nations in the Pandemic alliance.

Pandemic’s government is not a typical government. If anything, it’s an anti-government establishment. Not anarchy, as Pandemic has its senior members, but there is no ruling head. “We're a freak. A multi-headed freak. That's how we roll and we're cool with that.”

Pandemic does not have elected leaders, autocrats, big brothers or whatever. It may be worthwhile for potential members to know that if they join Pandemic they will have the exact same say in all matters as any senior members.

"I would say that the pure democracy is the strongest aspect that our alliance has to offer", says PsylentStorm, one of Pandemic's Top Diplomats and Tech Deal Makers.

Pandemic has several full-time diplomats and specialized tech-deal makers. Thanks to the diplomatic relationships that have been built, Pandemic has strong relationships with large (sanctioned) alliances. The next phase will be to increase the number of nations in the alliance as well as to establish formal relationships with other alliances in the form of protectorates, trade joint ventures and other treaties.

“We just need to make sure we’re not recruiting total dickheads and that new members will read and understand our charter. Especially the parts about conduct and consequences. But once they are in, we will help them grow quickly as best we can - and we’re not just asking for our own benefit.” says Kaninen of Kaninetopia, Pandemic’s senior advisor. “I remember when I was starting, it was difficult to get into it. The calculations sometimes still give me headaches.”

The charter, the members, the embassies and much more can be found on the Pandemic forums. Any questions or remarks can also be asked there, or directly to one of the members.

On behalf of the Pandemic Alliance,

ArgonV, ruler of Zenyatta Mondatta
Brokeback Psylent, ruler of Brokeback Nation
Kaninen, ruler of Kaninetopia
Ashen, ruler of Ashen Isles
Magnificus Focus, ruler of Definitive
TheGnome, ruler of Gnomia
n00bf00d, ruler of Noobtobia


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